A Second Thunderbolts team!?!?

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Late last year Marvel released a pole of possible members to vote for, they were Shocker, Dr. Demonicus, Sandman, Dark Beast, Ana, Madam Masque, Living Laser,  Scarecrow, The Griffin and Brother Grimm with a spot for your own write-in choice
Shocker won the vote but Marvel recantly released this solicit: 
Lines are drawn and secrets are revealed as the darkl PROVING GROUND sets off. The Raft is full of action as candidates vie for selection on the second squad of Thunderbolts, BETA TEAM! The main team isn't too happy about Warden Walker's initiative to expand their ranks, but even they are curious: out of the Marvel Universe vast pool of powerhouse criminals, who will make the cut? Many are called, but in this issue few are chosen!

 Sandman, Dark Beast, Ana, Abomination (WTF!!!), Batroc, Mr. Hyde and Absorbing Man
 Sandman, Dark Beast, Ana, Abomination (WTF!!!), Batroc, Mr. Hyde and Absorbing Man
So it looks like this is what we were voting for, mmm! 
PS: Isn't Sandman on the Sinster Six and Ana in the Savage Land how can they be on the Raft at the same time?
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i can only recognise sandman, ana kraven and dark beast
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Looks like the others are Batroc, Mr. Hyde, Absorbing Man, Abomination (which makes no sense), and I'm unsure who the guy on the top/middle is.
Sandman seems like a natural fit since he was an Avenger once upon a time.   Batroc seems like an easy fit as well.

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Both Batroc and Sandman make the most sense but Sandman is pretty tied up this year with the Sinister Six.
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Well hopefully this was just one screen that Luke was looking at.  Maybe he tabbed over to other candidates. Frankly, I like the current Thunderbolt team and I don't want to see it get diluted with B team members.

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Isn't Abomination still dead? Also Dark Beast is getting drafted to X-Force for the AoA arc.

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How about we just not have this team anymore?

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I don't even recognize most of these guys. 

No Caption Provided
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That whole cover is a red herring. Only 1 member of the B team is on it.

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