Review: Thunderbolts #150

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Bad blood boils to the surface as the Thunderbolts' old grudges with the Avengers come to a head in a parallel world the two teams are stranded in. 

The Good

This how you do an anniversary issue. Bringing long-held tensions up in a way that never pussyfoots around the real, mean drama. And things do get mean. So often, superhero battles seem like showy dance number with a lot of lights and smoke, but this is a very nasty, very brutal fight (watch out for Thor wrecking Juggy's helmet!) with some serious ill spirits behind it. And the characters feel real. From anti-capitalist zealot to quirky billionaire, from bipolar behemoth to weary ex-con... they all act and interact as they would, without any pap answers. 

The Bad

The cover boasts that this is a 96 page special and, while it does live up to that promise, the relevancy of the extra 48 pages is going to be up to you, as it's a reprint of the very first T-Bolts issue. If you've been reading the title since the beginning, as I have, then that material's going to feel extraneous. Story wise, I was a bit confused (though still charmed) by the inclusion of the frog and the setting of this intense showdown in a fairy tale world. 

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Stepping back a little, it's worth it to compliment the editorial team behind this book as they've given this book a purpose that clearly complements the other Avengers spin-offs. If the the Avengers are the varsity heroes and the Avengers Academy are super-kids who need guidance as they teeter between hero and villain, then this is very clearly the place for borderline lost causes who need a lot effort to be pulled off the edge. And the drama's, of course, riveting for that. Consistently one my favorite books at Marvel.
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It has a pretty slick cover!
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Fantastic issue!

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Excited for the new material, but not the reprint of the first, as I own it. Should be cool to see it without the terrible 90's printing though. 
Looking at it now will probably remind people of how the comic has evolved so many times. Thunderbolts is definitely one of the best team comics out there over the long term, and it's had some fantastic stretches. Remember how great the Warren Ellis run was?

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I've been wanting to read Thunderbolts for some time. I'e heard nothing but good things.

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Looking forward to reading it. I do so hope the crossovers end after this, though. This marks five issues in a row.

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Good story, probably the best one since the change over after Siege. Loved the Frog, though it was a great misc. character thrown in. Very elseworld like. I would just like to see the T-Bolts going in their own way instead of being put into everyone elses storylines. 
Not happy with the addition of the very first issue reprinted within, own the actual comic, plus it was within a graphic novel I got in the late nineties.  
I just want to see some Zemo.
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Suprisingly psychedelic. I liked this story alot. $4.99 is alot to pay for a comic, but seeing as I've never read any early Thunderbolts a reprint of #1 was a cool bonus.
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AWESOME I can't wait to read this. I'm a huge T-bolt fan and this review just got me too pumped to get my hands on it! WHOooo dee whoo!

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