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One of the better .1 Issues

Luke, Songbird, Mach V, and Ghost attempt to track down Abe and the escaped and time displaced Bolts.

The Good

I liked that this issue starts off with a battle between the TBolts and one of Satana's mystical body guards. Ghost is one of my favorite TBolts and I really love the way he solves their giant problem.

I'm not a fan of Shalvey's artwork but I actually did enjoy bits of this issue. The battle against Balor was very well done and two page spread of the various incarnations of the team looks excellent.

This issue does a mighty fine job of establishing who the TBolts are and what they're all about and provides new readers with some character background info, especially when it comes to Songbird.

Walker always makes TBolts a fun read with plenty of humor and the interaction between Spidey and the TBolts was a nice touch to this issue.

Unlike many .1 issues I feel like this one does manage to move the present story arc forward, but remain a good one shot issue all on its own.

I really like the way that Songbird's been handled lately, would really like to see her lead the team sooner than later.

The Bad

This cover's all kinds of unattractive

Nothing really new here for longtime readers.

The Verdict

This was a good comic but not essential for longtime readers, but if you're a numbering nut like myself it's definitely worth buying. As far as serving as a jumping on point for new readers? Well it definitely hits the mark pretty well.

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