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The Higher United Nations Defense Enforcement Reserves is a team of United Nations agents which works to thwart international crime. Recovering superscientific equiptment from the laboratory of the slain Professon Jennings, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. recruits a handful of agents to use those and other devices and become superheroes. The agency's offices are in the United Nations building in New York City. "Kitten" Kathryn Kane. "Dynamite" John Adkins and "Weed" Wylie are the leading non-super operatives.

New Series

They're Superheroes with one catch, their powers will kill!
They're Superheroes with one catch, their powers will kill!

The Thunder Agents will have a new weekly series with writer Nick Spencer and artist CAFU. Would you rather burn away or fade? That's the question that looms over the heads of the Thunder Agents! A superhero group that was given special abilities from the Government. Being used as superhuman weapons, the Thunder Agents will protect the United States from evil that no man has witnessed before! With a new members to the team, these new recruits take over the mantles from passed agents; even while dealing with the fact of new threats that the rest of the DCU doesn't even realize exist!?! With all this and more, Thunder Agents will begin with a new cast of characters and a strong story line.

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