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Prior to meeting Empowered, Thugboy worked as one of many low level criminals. Now he spends most of his time helping Empowered through her various predicaments. 

Thugboy has many secrets in his past, some he doesn't even feel comfortable sharing with Empowered. Before becoming a generic criminal, Thugboy and several friends were part of a team they called the "Witless Minions". The Witless Minions would get jobs as henchmen for various super-villains and rob them of their possessions in the course of their work. Their last con was for a villain called Willy Pete who caught on quickly to their scam and killed all of the Witless Minions except for Thugboy, who escaped after freezing Willy Pete, although he quickly thawed. Thugboy has recurring nightmares that Willy Pete will track him down and kill Empowered.
Before his time as a Witless Minion, Thugboy was part of a secretive group who assassinated superhumans. The reason for their actions is not clear, but Thugboy still has contempt for most super-heroes.
Although he loves and is devoted to Empowered, Thugboy has recently struggled with his feelings for Ninjette, Empowered's best friend. She seems to share his interest.

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