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Throg - Frog of Thunder
Throg - Frog of Thunder

Simon Walterson (Named after creator Walter Simonson) was a college football player with a promising future. One day he was injured during a game and was told he could never play again. He did meet and fall in love with a woman shortly after. They married and had the beginning of a great life together. They devoted their lives to helping others. They gave food to the homeless and organized rallies in support.

Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers Unleashed #2

One day Simon's wife was taken from him. His heart was broken. Not knowing how he could live without her, he sought out any mystic and fortunetellers he could find. None seemed able to allow him one last chance to speak to his wife. The last mystic knew things that only he knew of his wife. She informed him that she was pregnant when she died. This broke Simon's heart even more. When the mystic asked for her payment, Simon had no more money to offer. For this, she put a curse upon him and he turned into a frog.


Simon made his way to Central Park where he landed in the middle of a war between frogs and rats. He was saved by the other frogs who gave him the name "Puddlegulp." Soon another brave frong came upon them and defeated all the rats. When this noble frog left, Puddlegulp noticed some rats had survived and were following him. Puddlegulp had to warn the brave heroic frog.


Puddlegulp discovered that the frog was, in fact, Thor, the god of thunder. His goats had arrived to take him back to Asgard. Puddlegulp was left alone when the rats came out of hiding. All he had to defend himself was a sliver of Thor's hammer (that was accidentally chipped off by one of Thor's goats). The sliver was heavy but Puddlegulp used all his might. When it struck the ground, he was transformed and was given the power of Thor.

He now goes by the name of Throg.

Throg and the Pet Avengers

Throg and The Pet Avengers
Throg and The Pet Avengers

Throg was the first one approached by Lockjaw after he found the first Infinity Gems, and they together decided to look for others who could help them in the quest to find the Infinity Gems. Together they helped to form the team known as the Pet Avengers.

Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers
Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers

As they traveled through places such as the Savage land, under the sea and even the White house as they faced off against dinosaurs, got swallowed by Giganto and even faced off against Thanos, Throg proved to the vocal leader of the team, helping lead them through many tough situations and helping to formulate plans. After he formed a telepathic bond with the rest of the team, Throg like the other Pet Avengers, went back to where they lived, though it'll probably won't be the last you'll see of Throg and the Pet Avengers

Powers and Abilities

Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers #1

Though it isn't completely known what Throg is capable of, we do he has the same electric blasting abilities that Thor has and the proportionate strength for a frog of his size and of course he welds his own version of a Mjolnir, which he uses like Thor does.

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