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Calico Is The Only Bright Spot.

Yet another horrible, nonsensical Cyberangels story. I hope they are done throwing these in this comic or I'm not going to proceed to much further into this series. What is upsetting is that the stories I liked best in this comic (at least the previous issues) were the Wrath of the Furies, and the Snowman. Neither are present in this issue. Instead we get another bland, poorly written, clichéd Cyberangels story, and alright Pandora story that takes place in the middle east where she does battle against a genie, the goth person's dream: the Ravening, and the surprising good Calico.

Okay, Pandora, apparently the biggest character for Avatar Publishing. Although I haven't read much of their stuff, if these first couple of tales are anything to go by, I don't see why she is popular. Average stuff here. Maybe I just am not in the mood for another Red Sonja type right now.

The Ravening, some fallen angel/vampire thing that I find boring most likely because just how many of THOSE have to be in comics already?

Calico, now this was cool. Good looking detective type girl investigating some aliens. Decent stuff. If it wasn't for this ONE story in this issue, I wouldn't return for another issue.

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