Weight of Mjolnir

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Cool little blurb.

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Weight has nothing to do with picking up ...its actual weight is said to be heavy according to mortal standards but if your worthy u can still pick it up @TheGodofThunder:

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Than how did Captain America lift it than? If it weighs 4.6 quadrillion tons.

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@sommyt: @ThunderGodsWrath: I suppose I should've prefaced this with "not to be taken seriously as actual laws of physics do not apply to comics" It's just supposed to be an interesting little thing.

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@TheGodofThunder: Oh.

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The weight obviously does not count at all, If your worthy you lift it, so that counters the weight as an unworthy person cannot lift it at all, a paradox as the hammers weight will never be tested, the question is, how heavy is it once you are worthy and you pick it up xD

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I guess it may be really heavy, but once you're worthy and touch the hammer you become the owner of Thor's strength, and then you can lift it.

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If you are worthy I believe the hammer to be virtually weightless to its weilder. However if you are not worthy then the weight of mjolnir is greater than the force that the person is applying to pick it up with.

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Ive read on multiple occasions though none I can cite ATM that the hammer weighs 1 ton not factoring the enchantment.

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