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There is an issue where Thor was stabbed through one of the circles on his costume and and lain on a rock and thought dead. I'm not sure if this is the accurate portrayal of events but this is how I recall them. I'm not even really sure if it was an issue of Thor or maybe Avengers or even another book. I think this issue would have been 1984ish. If there are any older, wiser Thor fans out there, could you help a brother out?

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Can you give me any reference to an issue it could be in - example issue #100 - #150 to narrow it down, then I can find it, I have every Thor issue to date.

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@Pyrogram: Nope. It was when I was a young lad and I only have a slim memory of it. I wish I could be a bit more specific. I don't even know who he was fighting. I just have a good idea that it was the early 80's.

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With only this data, it is very hard to know what issue it was.

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I know. It's a very vague memory. Like I said, I'm not even sure it was Thor proper and not say, Avengers or even someone else's book. Oh well. One day! xD

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@iaconpoint: SORRY MAN

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