is this original thor ?

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this battle is true ?

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@ThePhoenX said:

@Lucas96: Yep! It's the freaking bad : "Hulk : Let the battle begin"!

Jesse Blaze Snider Interview

Snider: "Look the bottom line is THIS is a HULK ONE-SHOT! Which means HULK WINS. If it were a THOR ONE-SHOT than THOR would have to WIN. And if it was a HULK VERSUS THOR book then we would have found a clever way for them to TIE. But its a Hulk one-shot, read by mostly Hulk fans and they want to see the big green guy come out on top."

Pretty much explains comics haha

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@Selinaky: Definitely!

But he didn't have to write someting so awful! About Hulk grabbing Thor's hand : "Is Thor ready to defend himself from this attack?

No! It has NEVER happened to him before. He has never even considered that it could!"

Where this guy comes from? Does he really know what a fight is about?

It's like someone take your hand and beat you up with it.

Absolutely grotesque!!!

Soon someone will try to choke Thor with his own cape, because it has never happened in a comic....

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Hulk shouldn't be able to lift Mjolnir. Not even Silver Age Superman could.

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It was a dream of Hulk's.

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