How powerful is Thor's Hammer?

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How powerful is Mjorlnir?

Tell me what you think.

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@NovaUniverse: One of the most powerful weapons in the entire universe.

Mjolnir's complete powers: making thor and others invisible and intangible, controlling other's minds, teleporting himself and others to any location(even alternate dimensions), sensing evil psychic energy, tracking beings by their electron's discharge, projecting energy, manipulating all forms of energy for a variety of effects, traveling backwards through time(this ability was removed), transmuting matter, manipulating matter, resurrecting the dead, using alpha particles to atomize any weaponry, absorbing a person's life force, causing vampires to burn(because it's a former religous relic), creating chasms in planets, detecting illusions, recalling past events, sending psychic messages to anywhere within the nine realms, producing a planet busting anti force, creating a thermoblast(which has shook Ego, the living planet), creating a godblast(it taps into Thor's life force and is unique to his heritage, aka BRB doesn't possess this power), flying(can also keep his hammer at his side), controlling the weather on an interplanetary scale(producing cosmic storms in space, summoning the winds of a thousand worlds,etc.), healing others, and controlling metal.

Mjolnir's properties:

it is made out of the highly durable uru metal(it isn't indestructible), will always return to Thor's hand after being thrown(mystical link), going in any direction Thor wills it(self guidance), can only be lifted by those who are worthy(worthiness enchantment by Odin), can dent primary adamantium, level mountains, and bust planetoids(striking power), I don't know if the 60 seconds enchantment is still in effect.

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