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I have a wall in my house where I hang framed comic covers, be they either famous/iconic or just something meaningful to me, and am looking for some advice on Thor covers to consider.

Now, I'm sure this will ruffle some feathers but I'm not too keen on much of the pre-JMS stuff. I only got into Thor after seeing the movie (I've only read from JMS' start to Seige) and I just think a lot of the old stuff looks corny as hell. That said, while I prefer the modern look I am open to any suggestions.

So far I plan to use:

  • JMS' #1
  • First appearance in Journey into Mystery (if I can find a cheap reprint).

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Out of all the modern cover artists, Esad Ribic is THE Thor artist.

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Then there's John Romita Jr.'s well-respected run on Thor with Dan Jurgens.

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