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Born on a far off planet called the Nucleus of Hope, Tarene was unaware that she was prophesied to be the Designate, a being of great power. Her people were wiped out by Thanos, who sought to use this prophecy to destroy all life by forcing Tarene's tears to fill the cosmic artifact known as the Ruins, which would release enough energy to destroy half the universe. Thor rescued her and caused Thanos to lose control and be destroyed. Tarene was given to the care of the Recorder and Tana Nile of Rigel, but grew bored and used her power as the Designate to transform herself into an Asgardian-like form and create a Mjolnir-like hammer.


Thor Girl was created by Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr. and first appeared in Thor Vol.2 issue 22 in April 2000. Although she first appeared in Thor 22, she did not changed her appearance to Thor Girl until Thor Volume 2 issue 33 (march 2001), which was written by Dan Jurgens and penciled by Stuart Immonen.

Major Story Arcs


 Thor Girl ( Tarene)
Thor Girl ( Tarene)

Arriving on Earth, Tarene joins forces with a reluctant Thor and adventures by his side for a time. In the process, she discovers that her vast cosmic power as the Designate are gone, and she is stuck in her Thor girl form with only her Asgardian powers. She assumes the identity of Tara Olson and attempts to learn about the mortal world. When Asgard is destroyed in the latest cycle of Ragnarok, she registers as a superhero and joins the Initiative.

Avengers: The Initiative

At the Initiative training base at Camp Hammond, the latest MVP clone goes insane after having the Tactigon attached to him and goes on a rampage. Tarene, who is visiting Trauma in the medical area of the base, hears the noise from the battle raging on outside and takes Trauma with her to investigate while telling Cloud 9 that she will only get in the way and has her warn the others. Tarene and Trauma find the MVP clone who is now going by the name K.I.A. and accuses Trauma for causing his death. Just as he is about to shoot him Tarene steps in the way and takes the blast which cause severe damage to her body.

Recently as 3-D Man and The Skrull Kill Krew entered Atlanta, Georgia in their journey to rid the Initiative of Skrull Infiltrators they found Thor Girl and Ultragirl fighting in the skies above the ruins of their team's old headquarters. After Cloud 9 was able to subdue both women, it was revealed to 3-D Man that this Thor Girl was the Georgia Infiltrator. Having taken her hammer, 3-D Man ordered Gravity to increase its weight and then with no hesitation he smashed Tarene's skull open. She reverted to her true Skrull form quickly after dying.

Secret Invasion

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When the Skrulls were defeated and one of their ships boarded and brought down, Tarene was one of the many prisoners being held on board as a hostage of the invaders. Liberated from her captivity of indeterminate-length, Thor Girl undertook some counseling sessions at Camp Hammond for all those who had been abducted, in hopes of integrating them back into society. Present on the base when the clone of Thor, aka "Ragnarok," was reactivated as part of a Skrull boobytrap, Tarene immediately engaged the genetically-engineered imposter, but after a long battle, was defeated, and only saved with the intervention of theNew Warriors.

After Ragnarok's departure from the base, Tarene left the Initiative in order to find Thor and the Asgardians to warn them about Ragnarok and determine what had befallen them since their return to Midgard.

Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt

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In the story arc Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt, when the forces of Sin and The Serpent attack the United States , Thor Girl joins Steve Rogers' New Initiative, with Prodigy as their leader. Hearing of how Odin has taken all of Asgardians back to the Asgard Realm, leaving Oklahoma, Thor Girl is conflicted and tries to decide if she should join them. After rescuing some people in the city, Thor Girl is attacked and forced to surrender when the people mistake her for one of The Serpent's "Worthy," because she has a hammer. Later, her Designate powers return, and she abandons the Thor Girl identity, saying that mankind's attacks on her proved that they were not worthy.

Powers and Abilities

Divine Powers

Taking on the powers of an Asgardian goddess, Thor Girl gained all of their typical attributes. She has superhuman strength, durability and healing abilities and does not age like normal beings.


With her golden hammer, Tarene can fly and summon powerful weather effects in the same way Thor or Storm can. The hammer can also be used to emit energy blasts and it returns to her hand when thrown. When she strikes it on the ground, she transforms into her mortal identity of Tara Olson.

Other Versions


Spirit of the Jewel
Spirit of the Jewel

In the reality known as The Reigning, Tarene was known as Spirit of the Jewel. Spirit of the Jewel traveled back in time and gave Desak power to kill gods, intending to prevent this timeline from occurring. Her plan backfired and Thor took over the Earth, leading her to reveal her identity to him. Thor travels back in time and eliminates this timeline from existence.

Other Media

War of Heroes

War of Heroes
War of Heroes

Thor Girl is featured in the mobile game, Marvel: War of Heroes. In the card:

  • Thor Girl
  • [Secret Invasion] Thor Girl


  • Thor Girl was released as part of the Heroclix game in the Secret Invasion Set

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