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The Good

It's always great to pick up a comic series that isn't devoted to the notion of superheroes and tights. I enjoy those as much as the next reader but it's comics like this that show there are other genres that can be covered. The series has revolved around David Loren, a young and extremely intelligent guy that has been roped into designing technology for the government. He was brought in at a young age (recruited when he was fourteen) and has finally decided this isn't the life he wants.

With a bit of a smart ass attitude (think Val Kilmer in 1985's Real Genius), he simply wants to live life and not have to worry about his tech being used as weapons. Having recently managed to sneak out for a one night excursion, David has met a young woman, Mirra, and is detrained to escaped the government's grasp for good. Even his intellect might not be enough to evade all the security measures in place. And when the bullets start flying, it turns into a different game.

The key here is David's intellect. It shows that while you might have heroes in comics that can fly or bust through walls. David's asset is his brain and seeing what he comes up with is part of the fun. We often see fancy gadgets used in comics and movies but there is a sense of a realistic nature here. All the tech is explained and writer Matt Hawkins even includes explanations and analysis at the end of each issue on the tech.

Rahsan Ekedal's art is great to see each month. I love the fact that gray tones are used instead of full color. I do enjoy a finely colored comic but in a story like this, I think color would make it look too much like a…comic book. This is one of my biggest complaints about sci-fi comics. The colors can unintentionally give a fake/plastic feel when more realism is called for in the story. It gives it an elegant touch, even when the lead character is acting a little goofy.

The Bad

Perhaps it's a subconscious desire for all of us to have a romantic relationship but this is something we see in many action films as well. It tends to bring awkward and sometimes forced moments. While it allows the characters time to be a little more human and gives them motive to survive and continue, it can also bring about some cheesy scenes. Too much smiling and winking can get in the way of the story.

I did enjoy the ending. I can't decide if it was slightly predictable or not. Regardless, bring on the next issue!

The Verdict

Here I thought this was only a four-issue miniseries but surprisingly and thankfully there's more to come. Matt Hawkins has created a great character with David Loren. There's something about a character than has a high intellect and can use it on the fly. We have a cool new character and world. Originally meant to be a four-issue miniseries (a trade is due soon), but the story is not over. With a bit of a cliffhanger ending, there's room for more to be told. Rahsan Ekedal's art fits nicely and despite the predictable love angle (that we often see in action films), you'll find yourself rooting for the character and wanting to find out what happens next.


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