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Has anyone ever seen The Thing get pummeled to pile of rubble, or atleast get a chunk of rock knocked off. What would he do then. I don't think he has any kind of healing factor.

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I think Thing sucks, thus allowing him to be defeated by someone of the likes of Kingpin.

That's my thoughts at least.

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Although it is really hard for Thing's rock coating to be cracked, from what I've seen it doesn't affect him much. (I know this isn't cannon) In the 1960's cartoon, Karnak was able to break a chunk off of Thing. If you cut deep enough, I believe he bleeds some weird blood, but I've never seen it happen.

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The rock like exterior is in reality his skin. Just like a normal persons kin who cuts or grazes themselves, the Things skin will heal as well. As for durability, he has been badly cut on the face by Wolverine in the past, had some of his skin burnt, cracked off etc.

He is reasonably invulnerable to many attack forms, having been exposed to extreme artic temperatures (-70 deg C) all the way up to a flames from a burning building (1000 deg C). He has also survived armour piercing bazooka shells without injury. So although not as indestructible as say Wonder Man, he is more resistant to damage than Luke Cage.

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does he have organs under that skin?  or his he just living rock?  also, does he bleed?

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the human Juggernaut said:
"does he have organs under that skin?  or his he just living rock?  also, does he bleed?

Read the post prior to yours. The 'rock' is his skin and like human beings, he has internal organs.
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In the comics, you always see little chunks flying off him but i don't know if it is permanet damage. Plus in the 60s he was able to go head to toe with the hulk, but for somereason, the Hulk in latter years became much stronger.

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in the movie, his internal organs were made of rock

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Also when he fought those Mindless Ones, his rocky "skin" got cracked and shattered but he still fought them.

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are yu talking ultimate or 616

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Structural Integrity: Science

The Thing seems to represent a human curiosity about biological structuralism. Here's a guy who's made of rock material but has internal organ-like structures and even excretes strange blood.

If we look at an amoeba (picture below), we see biological adaptive flexibility in an aqueous medium. The fact that the Thing is rock-like but alive and intelligent suggests that he symbolizes our curiosity about structural logic. Why are amoeba soft and aqueous-like?

These are science questions.

It seems the Thing is strong enough to tackle Marvel's Juggernaut (Cain Marko) but not strong enough to tackle DC's Doomsday (Superman's nemesis). Would Doomsday give the Thing permanent brain damage?

I'd like to see the Thing square off against Sandman (Flint Marko).


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Yes he's been damaged and hurt before. Hulk once ripped parts of his face in a weakened state.

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