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At some point in her past, the alien Theena's life was saved when she was bonded with a psychic symbiote. They have been connected to each other ever since and it is unknown if Theena would survive a separation. The symbiote has several pods which can act as visual monitors, tracking or communicating with almost anyone.

She is a big fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes and resides with thousands of other Legion fans outside the team's headquarters. Due to her status as a communication and news hub, both Legionnaires and their fans constantly go to her for the latest news updates or to send a quick message to a loved one. She uses her abilities to also watch out for the thousands of Legion fans she lives with, keeping tabs on their whereabouts and those who come or leave their community. She was the one who counted the votes when the Legion was electing a new leader after the Dominator War.

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