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When Magneto reaches the largest surviving fragment of his former base, Asteroid M, the X-Men's war against the Soviet Super-Soldiers and the Avengers really begins!


After a quick recap, a three way battle erupts between the Avengers, Soviet Super Soldiers, and the X-Men. As the Soviets and Avengers duke it out, the X-Men take the opportunity to flee, taking Magneto with them. Dazzler stops Captain America and Crimson Dynamo after they attempt to follow her.

After the X-Men escape, the Avengers trick Darkstar to trap all her teammates in her dark energy constructs, departing and leaving them all trapped for another hour by their own teammate. While they do this, Magneto departs the X-Men group to go look for the asteroid on his own.

Captain Marvel spies on the X-Men's location using her powers, and relays it off to her team, the Avengers. Magneto finds a huge chunk of his asteroid, including one of his old costumes, and he puts his old helmet on. The Avengers arrive and attack him, nearly defeating him.

The X-Men then come to his aide, and as the two teams fight, Magneto tells them that the Asteroid is rigged with an explosion. Using the explosion as a distraction, Magneto takes the X-Men in their jet and flee, but apparently unknown to the X-Men, Doctor Druid is stowed away in the back of the Blackbird.

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