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The X-Men graduate. The picture taken in the begining of this story is shown several times during the upcoming years, a portrait hangin on the wall of the X-Mansion. Later, Professor shows Cyclops his Cerebro machine and makes Cyclops team leader while he is gone.

Elsewhere, after a brief argue between Scarlet Witch and Mastermind, Magneto arrives and tells the Brotherhood his plans to defeat the X-Men. Later, Magneto goes to a carnival to recruit the Blob. After a fight between the evil mutants and the workers, Magneto slash Blob with his powers and then Blob remember of his previous meeting with the X-Men, during X-Men #3.

Cyclops is aware of Blob getting his memory back and gathers the X-Men. The X-Men fight the Blob, but it was only a trap set by Magneto. After the X-Men battle the Brotherhood, Magneto sends his missiles to the X-Men but are blocked by the Blob. Magneto and his evil mutants leave. The X-Men try to make the Blob join them, but he doesn’t want to join any mutant teams, and go away all by himself.

In this story also appears for the first time a cafe in Greenwich Village where the X-Men go on the next stories, and its waitress, Zelda, future girlfriend of Iceman.

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