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Jean Grey was sent to Metro College, to take regular classes by her parents. There she mets and becomes friend of student Ted Roberts.

The X-Men are confronted by a mad scientist called Dr.August Hopper. As his alter ego “ the Locust'“he wants to unleash a plague of giant insects upon the world, with an ionic device that he invented. Once the plague is unleashed he will create a cure under his true identity of Dr.Hopper so he came become world famous as the man who stopped the insect plague. Unfortunately for him Jean Grey knew him as a professor at Metro College and after becoming suspicious she informs the X-Men. After some investigation by Professor Xavier they confront the Locust and his swarms of giants insects and manage to defeat him as Marvel Girl scrambles the villain’s control mechanism and Professor Xavier in disguise is able to make Dr. Hopper see the error of his ways.

First appearence of Ted Roberts and the Locust.

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