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Just read 95 and I gotta ask how come everyone that Ricks crew meets seems to have had an easier time with the apocalypse than them? Seriously every time, with the exception of Woodberry, they go some where new it's peaceful. Then stuff gets gangster when Rick shows up. When Rick slit the dudes throat at the end everyone looks so shocked that that just happened, and Rick just says "What?" all calmly. How can people still be so sensitive about that kind of thing?

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Rick's group has pretty much been traveling the entire time so they've seen a lot and had to deal with a lot....it seems like the people of Hilltop have pretty much been isolated from what's been going on in the outside world but we don't know for sure yet...looks can be deceiving

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@danhimself: Right, I get that, it's just hard to believe so many people could be sheltered from something like that. It's to much like the people from Alexandria.

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