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Because of the TV show, I am now in the process of collecting the TPB's and wanted to know if the Vine had any recommendations as the best route to go.

In doing research on Amazon, I have found a couple of different options:






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I got the compendiums which are really cheap on amazon right now.

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yup go with the compendiums...they're only like 40 bucks a piece on Amazon right now and put you right up to issue 96

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I bought them on Comixology for $5 a piece during the sale a couple weeks ago. I think that they are normally $10 on there.

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i went with the paper backs which only have like six issues a peice, this was before i even knew about the compendiums so i just continued to buy the paperbacks. I'm glad i did because i saw the first compendium at my local comic shop and it was hudge and hard to read in my opinion, but way cheaper than all the paperbacks ill give it that.

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