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Nothing new

I was looking forward to this issue, after the Michonne one-shot, which I thought was pretty good. Michonne's issue had a nice back story, that added some depth to her character. This issue however, was not that. To me there was hardly anything new here. Most of this issue was dealt with in the series (Glen, Michonne, and Rick discovering Woodbury and everyone else at the Prison worrying about whether or not they will return). The governor had very little face time and what was there was not that compelling like his appearances in previous issues. I guess I was expecting a substantial back story for his character (e.g. how he came to power, the motivation behind keeping zombies chained captive). It did reinforce that he is crazy, because he has to be if he wants to be in charge. It felt like an attempt to bring in people who watch the show to the comics, where again, in my opinion, the comics outshine the show, by leaps and bounds.

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