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It Distracted Me from Studying... so good

I’ve read all of the issues to this series, and it’s, in my opinion, one of the best comic series of all time.  Sure, it’s about zombies.  Of course… Nevertheless, it raises huge psychological issues while covering gigantic philosophical beliefs like absurdism.  In this current arc, Robert Kirkman explores once again man’s devastation to man and how far people on either side will go to survive.

I’m just going to start off by stating how funny I think it is that Dale still has at least one leg in the cover image… last issue’s reveal was priceless.

So, during this current arc of “Fear the Hunters” this being part 4 of 5, the group discovers they’re being hunted by other humans.  Glenn gets shot as a scare tactic and Dale gets captured, wakes up to discover his other leg missing as his captors eat it, and laugh at them because he’s been bitten.

Rick somewhat disappointingly resumes the leader role to go on the hunt for the hunters which ends in a tense standoff.  During the eruption of this scene, I honestly chuckled aloud at how badass it was.

Overall, the writing and art’s tight like always.  More psychological issues are brought to the forefront, and Kirkman’s critique on society and man gets even stronger.  The entire series is recommended on a reader, fan, and scholarly point of view, and if you want to just dive into the current story right away, then start at issue #61.

Mind you, I read this comic before a test in Comm Research… bad idea… I so could not concentrate because I was thinking about how cool this was.

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