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The Governor is found unconscious and badly injured by a couple of his goons. His face is almost unrecognizable with his eye socket hanging out and face completely cut open along with his severed right arm and mutilated groan. He is awoken when his zombified daughter is about to be killed by his goons, and stops them just before passing out. Since the doc and Alice are now gone, their only hope to patch him up is the town drunk Bob, who was once a medic in the army. A week later The Governor finally wakes up from his pain induced coma to find that not only did Alice and the Doc escape with Martinez, but that Martinez himself, who was secretly sent to help the survivors escape so that he could find the location of the prison and return with the info, is now dead. With this information and Martinez's decapitated head, The Governor forms a meeting with the town and convinces the citizens of Woodbury that Rick and his group of survivors are dangerous murderers who killed Martinez and tortured The Governor, simply because they were savages. He also convinces them out of fear that it would be unwise not to attack the prison survivors before they themselves are attacked which the Woodbury citizens angrily agree to. The next day The Governor and his men find some of their soldiers shot and killed outside of a deserted gas station , with Bruce barely alive to inform them that it was indeed the prison survivors who attacked them. The Governor shoots Bruce in the head and realizes that his shooting hand, which is his right hand, is now gone. Now furious, The Governor orders his men to find the tracks of the outsiders and follow them. Gabe and another survivor are able to locate the prison and return to inform The Governor of the news, which The Governor reveals a plan to attack them when their defense are down again. Mean while back at the prison, Andrea is teaching a couple of the survivors how to fire properly with a rifle. When the weeks pass, The Governor arrives at the prison with his large fleet, that consists of a large number of vehicles filled with armed soldiers and a large tank, which he is on top of. He points angrily at the prison and screams "Kill them all!".

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