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Lori finally gives birth!

A crew consisting of Michonne, Axel, Tyreese, Andrea, Glenn and Maggie find themselves in a department store, stocking up on supplies before they retreat back to their sanctuary in the penitentiary. However, their presence does not go unnoticed and they are soon surrounded by gun-wielding survivors that have established a safe haven not far away. A gruesome battle ensues as Glenn is shot and Michonne and Andrea kill all of their opponents. Glenn survives, thanks to the riot gear he had acquired in the prison, and they rush back to their home.

Back in the prison, Lori Grimes find herself in labor, ready to deliver her child. With the help of Alice, a nurse that had recently found sanctuary in the prison, Lori gives birth to a healthy baby girl. As per Alice's request, Billy rushes off to make sure the generator has enough gas to last the night of the delivery. Billy meets up with Dale and figure out together that there isn't enough gas in the prison, that they have to siphon gas from the parked cars that are outside of the fortification.

Dale and Billy make it to the cars where they are attacked by zombies. Billy rushes back to the prison after Dale gets bit on the leg, to find the crew returning back from the department store with supplies. To everyone's dismay, they find Dale is still alive, but bleeding from his leg where he was bit by a zombie. It is only a matter of time before he turns into one of the zombies.

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