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In this new volume collecting THE UNWRITTEN #31-35.5 (including all the half issues), Tom Taylor goes to war against the cabal that has tormented, imprisoned and tried to destroy him.

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When Tom Taylor's father Wilson created the Tommy Taylor fantasy series --- boy-wizard novels that gained immediate and widespread fame ---- fans relentlessly compared the real Tom to his counterpart, garnering him a type of notoriety he just didn't want.

But when it's revealed that Tom might really be a boy-wizard made flesh, he comes into contact with a mysterious cabal that has secretly kept tabs on him all his life. Now, to protect his own life and discover the truth behind his origins, Tom and his companions must travel the world, hitting up locations featured on a special map --- one kept by the deadly group --- that charts places throughout the world where fiction has impacted reality, stories ranging from famous literary works to folktales to pop culture yarns. Throughout this quest, Tom must use every weapon he can get hold of --- but even storybook magic carries its own risks...

And in the alternating chapters, Tom's crusade plays out against the secret history of the cabal, as told in Wilson Taylor's vivid diary entries. When it's all over, very little will remain "Unwritten".

The Eisner Award-nominated creative team of Mike Carey (LUCIFER) and Peter Gross (THE BOOKS OF MAGIC) present THE UNWRITTEN: TOMMY TAYLOR AND THE WAR OF WORDS --- a tale of magical battles and deadly secrets.

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