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Who wants to be a X-Men?

Giving powers to the highest bidder and selling the oportunity to become a X-Men may be not the most original idea lingering around the comic books industry these days, but Fraction/Gillen really did an amazing job in selling this idea and making it fun, entertaining and enjoyable to the X fans. I´m liking this arc story a lot, mainly for two reasons: 1) The Sublime Corporation and the enemy Lobe are fantastic creations of Matt Fraction and the first arc story with them was very cool, what makes this Quarantine thing very interesting and 2) The fabuluous art of Greg Land always do the trick for me, I can´t see anything wrong in this issue, absolutely fantastic art! Also the back story of Emma fighting Shaw geared up and there´s great physical combat, but it bugged me the fact that Emma (one of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel U) couldn´t stop Shaw, it sounded like a weak argument. The best thing about this issue was the costume party that Lobe throwed in order to sell his product, it was so funny. The dialogues weren´t the best in this issue among the X-Men in action outside Utopia, but the ones involving Emma with Shaw and the ones involving Lobe were great.
4.5 out 5

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