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Juggernaut and She-Hulk are interrupted by someone wearing Juggernaut armor, who engages Cain in battle. Cain and She-Hulk both realize they are no match for the new Juggernaut, as Cain’s powers have gone, but Cain does not walk away from a fight, so continues to fight the new Juggernaut, which takes the battle to a residential area, and the two men injure and destroy much of the area. She-Hulk tries to reason with Cain, she now believes he can not change that he will always be a violent man. Cain and Jennifer come up with a plan, and the new Juggernaut’s helmet is removed, and his powers seem to leave him, for he returns to the size of his real body – a boy. Cain remembers him as a boy who had an awful father and lived next door to Xavier. Xavier and his lawyer Jack White meet with Miss Ishikawa, who informs the men that this trial is seen as very prestigious for Canada and that she will not bend easily to their requests, especially the extradition to the States, for she doesn’t not believe that the Juggernaut will ever change. As the discussion is about to come to an end, Squidboy and his mother arrive, and Mrs. Pare gives a touching speech about how nothing was done for she and her son by the law enforcement, but by a super villain. Miss Ishikawa is faced with a crisis of faith in her legal system and agrees to the Juggernaut being extradited to the States.    

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