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The X-Men find themselves on a Skrull world. But things go from bad to worse when Galactus shows up to consume the world.

As the X-Men hoped their departure from Ejulp would be the last they ever saw him, they were wrong, very wrong, Ejulp accidentally teleported them back in time to the Skrull home-world in time for a life changing event that would have fatal repercussions in Marvel universe for years to come, as the X-Men fought off against the foax Fantastic Four they were brutally damaged forcing Night Crawler to teleport the remaining team to a make do sanctuary, conveniently finding Wolverine who was in no state to be fooled and was ready to kill Night Crawler on the spot if he wasn't the real deal, Kurt managed to convince him that it was truly and Wolverine told Kurt to go off with Storm and locate the Professor while Wolverine dealt with some business, they were able to find the Professor along with Colossus and made plans to escape the Skrull home-world before the massacre of millions would occur, Kitty had been taken captive by a group of Skrulls who among them she thought was a reincarnated Warpath, seeing as how they were merely misguided Skrulls they immediately saw her as a fellow Skrull trying to commit treason so then they held her for questioning as this was going on the Skrulls got a message being Broad-casted by Professor Xavier to alert them for an attack by the "World-eater" as he knew what was going to happen to them, they took no notice of it as they thought it was just more Skrull infiltration trouble, previously Gambit had accidentally Injured marrow while the X-Men were on Ejulps dimension as their powers were unpredictably dangerous to the use, this left Marrow unconscious for a while and as Gambit was the only one with Marrow at the time he tried everything he could do to search for medical assistance, he found some but it wasn't what he had expected, the Skrull who assisted Gambit in Marrows recovery had suddenly got shot in the back by fellow Skrull people and were on their way to kill Gambit, Gambit desperately wanted to escape but could not go without Marrow still in her mid recovery process so he made the Skrulls go for someone else, as the X-Men tried to leave the Skrull homeworld they were assaulted by a group of more fake Super heroes, Storm had alerted Professor Xavier that his Broad-cast went to deaf ears as they were not even trying to leave or evacuate, as the few X-Men battled against the Skrull armada who seemed to have an infinite amount of members Professor X sensed something coming, and he saw it coming out of some sort of space-ship, it was the end of all life on the Skrull home-world.

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