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The mutant energy vampire Selene makes an attempt to capture Rachel Summers, a mutant from the future. The X-Men step in to save her!

At the Eagle Plaza in Dallas, Texas, members of the government security Raven Darkholme and Val Cooper arrive at Forge's apartment. The place is entirely secure and with holograms all over the place, all made by Forge. Forge shows up arguing with his old master Naze. Forge tells them he works for the government since Tony Stark stopped making weapons and then asks if they are there because of the gun he had invented, the one with the capacity of neutralize mutant powers. He also tells the gun hasn't been tested yet. Another gun he had copied from ROM was the mutant detector, and he makes a joke telling the women one person in the room is a mutant - he was talking about himself, but Raven became nervous because she actually is Mystique from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and no one knows.

In New York streets Rachel (a mutant from another reality future - Days of Future Past - X-Men #141) is watching the news on a television store about the X-Men fighting a dragon in Japan ( Uncanny X-Men #181) along side Sunfire. Then at TV they announce Senator Robert Kelly wants to approve a new law to control mutants. Then she remembers about the day before when she went at Professor Xavier's Mansion and found Illyana older than she has to be in Rachel's world ( New Mutants #18) and she thinks to herself that she is in the past, but is she at the past of herself? Just after Rachel leaves the corner, Selene shows up saying that she had never felt a mutant so powerful like her. Selene tries to capture Rachel but she runs away and enters inside a night club. There her powers go crazy and she listens to all the people's thoughts. The security guard then grabs her and tries to put her out of the club, but the owner Nick Damiano talk to Rachel and thinks she is really in danger and tries to help. They go to his house and Rachel has a nice bath in his bathtub after drinking a real orange juice - what doesn't exist in her future in concentration camps and where humans like Nick hates mutants. Suddenly Rachel stops listening to Nick's thoughts and goes check, just to find him death and Selene in the living room ready to capture her. Rachel uses her mental blast to attack Selene, but the witch is to powerful for her and uses her control of inanimate objects to attack Rachel.

When Selene is about to finally defeat Rachel, Professor Xavier astral form steps up in the fight and attacks the witch. Then Nightcrawler, Rogue and Colossus enter the room and help Rachel and Xavier in the battle through the fire. Selene uses her powers to make Nightcrawler's own suit attack him and then drains Rogue's force. Professor Xavier again stop her and then Selene runs away from the fight. Outside the building Storm uses her powers to stop the fire.

At the end, Rachel tells Xavier that she had read Selene's mind just like he had though her, but Xavier tells they had never met before in his life. Then Rachel realizes Xavier is walking and Ororo is in a strange suit with a strange haircut. Rachel tells everyone that she came to a wrong past and because of her the world is doomed.

Wolverine and Kitty Pryde aren't in this story because they are in Japan, living Kitty Pryde and Wolverine issues.

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