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After last issue when the X-Men were captured by the Brood, Wolverine, Sprite, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Cyclops all become host to the Brood's eggs. Wolverine is the only one who can senses that something is wrong and he is able to escape the Brood, just to realizes he is in a strange planet, full of monsters. Deathbird had betrayed the Shi'ars to take Lilandra's throne, and made a deal with the Brood, sending the X-Men to be their new hosts. Carol Danvers is with the X-Men, but because she isn't a mutant, the Brood wants to study her physiology.

Wolverine watches Fang turns into a member of the Brood and realizes what is happening to him and the other X-Men. Because of Wolverine's healing powers, he kill the Brood's embryo inside him and now decides to save every X-Men, or kill them all if he had to and then hunt the Brood.

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