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The trials continue as Freddy finds Atlas, his next godly benefactor. But the Council of Merlin has other plans for the two!

Freddy Freeman (formerly known as Captain Marvel, Jr.) and Zareb Babak seek out Atlas, the God of Magic charged with 'holding up the world' (subtly altering the outcome of events throughout the world, thus preventing countless disasters at all times) only to find him murdered. Since Atlas's station is exceptionally important to keep the world from collapsing onto itself and requires a person of 'high magical caste' in order to work, Zareb instructs Freddy to take on the helm (though temporarily). Freddy complies for three minutes, subtly preventing various disasters and tragedies in the world. When Freddy almost goes mad from the experience, Marvel appears at the scene and takes the helm, but notes that he can only be away from the Rock of Eternity for 24 hours, so they need to find another god to assume Atlas's duties.

Freddy and Zarek go to a hospital to find 'Alonzo', a doctor well known for being practically infallible with his diagnoses and treatments. Alonzo recognizes the two of them immediately, not being particularly pleased with their appearance. Alonzo is informed that Atlas is dead, and that he, as Apollo, stands next in line for Atlas's burden and is the new godly benefactor to the powers of Shazam. Apollo reluctantly agrees to the terms on the condition that Freddy defeats him in battle, otherwise he'd resume his mortal life and Freddy would die. Freddy and Apollo transform into their godly forms, preparing for battle.







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