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Now that the Titans realize they're backing the wrong side by allying themselves with Starfire's people, what can they do? Making matters worse, Tempest has fallen into enemy hands, and the only way he can save his teammates is by making the ultimate sacrifice!

The Titans on the Gordanian homeworld attempt to rescue Tempest, who is being shown exactly what the invading Tamaranians, with whom the Titans are allied, are doing. Meanwhile, on Earth, Nightwing goes to Jesse Quick for some business advice (to do with cloning) and also shows her some new martial arts moves; and Arsenal, Lian and Damage deal with the latter's feelings after his revelations that he was abused by his 'father' as a child.

When Tempest is finally discovered, he decides to remain with the Gordanians for the moment in his capacity as an ambassador. The rest of the Titans have enough to deal with as it is. Not only do they have to work out where they stand in this war, but the Gordanian army has just arrived on the scene...

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