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Zorina finds her mother, but not believing it to be real, punches her in the face. Esperanza battles demons and the Tenth is pissed at Gulliver for teleporting the three of them to separate locations. The Tenth is suddenly attacked by Rhazes Darkk and his three companions, leading to a fight. After defeating the monsters, Espy searches for her cat Arusa, when Blackspell rises from beneath her. Blackspell is hit with a powerful blast from the Tenth to save his friends. The Tenth asks for a drop of Espy's blood in order to subside his fury. Meanwhile Zorina's mother explains to her daughter how deep she was into Rhazes Darkk's experiments and the deal from Director Jaffe to help undo Darkk's madness. Her mom vanishes as Gulliver teleports them all right in front of Gozza. In a chicago morgue Lastic appears and kills several people until he gets torched and taken away by the people posing as C.D.C. In Tokyo, Moto Fujisaki readies Adrenalynn to take on Gozza.

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