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A ZERO HOUR tie-in! Secrets of the Spectre's past are revealed! For a thousand years, only a single soul has successfully eluded the Spectre's fury, merely to die and be reincarnated over and over again. Now the Spectre faces that soul for the final time!

A Zero Month crossover issue. Once upon a time, God, the One Above All, created aspects of itself to serve different functions. One of these, the aspect of wrath, became known as the Spectre. It was the Spectre that felled Egypt and laid Sodom and Gomorrah to waste. By God’s decree, Michael came to the Spectre, and forced him to bond to a human soul. In this early incarnation, the Spectre became known as Kali. He bonded with the man Caraka, and he took vengeance against Lady Beltane, a mystic who used the souls of those she murdered to power her spells. While Caraka/Spectre succeeded in avenging Caraka’s murder, the soul of Beltane eluded him. Over the ages, Beltane would be reborn, constantly fighting the Spectre.

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