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Daredevil tries to help Spider-Man cope and be able to get by with his newfound blindness.

Due to the Masked Marauder, Spider-Man has become blind, but is being helped by Daredevil, ironically. Daredevil assists Spider-Man in getting to a certain building, but not wanting to be helpless, Spider-Man tries getting across by himself, only to fall down, almost killing himself. Daredevil manages to save him, but Spider-Man starts to crack, feeling helpless due to his affliction, and so starts punching everything he can find in a rage. Daredevil takes Spider-Man to his apartment, then recalls his own origin, of how his blindness became both his greatest power and greatest weakness. He then calls up and optical specialist for Spider-Man to see.

At Peter Parker's apartment, Mary Jane and Betty Brant leave, after deciding that despite them both liking Peter, they can still be friends. After they leave, Peter's landlady, Mrs. Muggins, hears a loud cracking noise from Peter's apartment, and goes to see what it is. Upon getting there, she is shocked to see that they place has been trashed, and that a message saying "The Dead Walk, Parker" has been written on the wall. Outside the apartment, Carrion watches this, thinking that Peter will soon return to his apartment, and that he'll be waiting for him when he does.

Daredevil and Spider-Man then arrive at the optical specialist's office, where Spider-Man's eyes are examined by the specialist. Fortunately for Peter, the specialist says that whilst damaged, the optic fibres are whole, and are recuperating with astonishing speed thanks to Spider-Man's powers. However, Spider-Man knows that he still has to stop the Masked Marauder, as his bank robbery a few issues ago was just part of a master plan, and that whilst he's resting, the Marauder will be carrying out his plan. He starts to crack under the pressure once more, as he's the only one who can find the Marauder (due to the spider-tracer he managed to place on him). Daredevil then calms Spider-Man down, and tells him that they're in this together.

The two then start looking for the Masked Marauder, with Spider-Man's spider sense telling him the general direction of where the Marauder is. Unknown to them, the Marauder has placed nuclear materials into his Tri-Man, which he stole several issues ago (Spectacular Spider-Man #24). Daredevil and Spider-Man eventually find the building which the Marauder and his goons are in, and Spider-Man tells Daredevil to go after them himself, as he wouldn't be much good in a fight. Daredevil ignores this, and jumps towards the building whilst holding Spider-Man.

Inside the building, the Masked Marauder is communicating with the Mayor of New York City, and shows him his Tri-Man, with its deadly plutonium inside. He tells the mayor that he has to turn New York over to the Maggia, otherwise the Tri-Man will detonate and destroy the city. Daredevil then bursts in, and starts fighting the Masked Marauder's thugs, but is too late to stop the Marauder launching his Tri-Man outside. As the Tri-Man flies to a certain point where it will detonate, it knocks Spider-Man off of the window he's clinging to, making it seem as if he will certainly fall to his death.

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