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At the end of the previous issue, Flash Thompson, Spider-Man, and Razorback were all captured by the Hate-Monger. They were then chained to a wall, with a bomb in the same room ticking away slowly, and it looks as though it may be the end for them. The trio try to work out what they can do to save themselves, but are unable to think of anything. Razorback says that if he could reach the stud on his belt buckle, they'd be able to escape, but then says that there's no point, and says goodbye to the others. Spider-Man then shoots his webbing, and after a few tries, manages to get the webbing to bounce off a ceiling beam and hit Razorback's belt buckle. At first it looks as if it's done nothing, but then Razorback's truck, Big Pig, bursts through the wall and the three heroes are able to escape in it.

Meanwhile, Brother Power and Sister Sun are being interviewed by the media at a coliseum where they are holding a big rally. After the reporters are gone, Brother Power

thinks back to how much power he's gained from the mysterious light that he encountered in Vietnam years ago, and how his only weakness is that he has to be in contact with Sha Shan to use his power. Sha Shan then thinks about how she only obeys Achmed because her father told her to, in order to keep the balance in the universe. Both of them then go to the Hate-Monger, who reminds Brother Power that he is nothing compared to him. He then takes off his hood and reveals that he is evil incarnate, although his face isn't shown to the readers.

Spider-Man, Flash, and Razorback then all arrive at the coliseum where the rally is about to be held. Whilst the others hide Big Pig, Spider-Man manages to get in as Peter Parker, then take out a few of the guards on the inside and change to Spider-Man to let Razorback and Flash in. The trio are then attacked by the Hate-Monger and some members of the Legion of Light. Whilst Flash and Razorback hold off the members of the Legion of Light, Spider-Man attacks the Hate-Monger. Whilst fighting him, the Hate-Monger inadvertantly reveals that he once fought the Hulk, showing that he isn't the Hate-Monger that he was thought to be. The Hate-Monger then uses his powers to make Spider-Man hate Razorback, and so Spider-Man starts attacking Razorback. A moment later, Razorback too is attacked by the Hate-Monger and starts to hate Spider-Man.

Flash disguises himself with the robes of one of the downed members of the Legion of Light, and manages to get around unnoticed. However, he can't free Sha Shan or anyone without drawing attention to himself. Flash manages to get Razorback's sister, Bobby-Sue, away by saying to her that their mentor wants her. Flash and Bobby-Sue walk in on Spider-Man and Razorback still fighting, despite that they're trying to resist it. Correctly guessing that it's due to the Hate-Monger, Flash attacks him, and rips off his hood, revealing the true identity of the Hate-Monger to be the Man-Beast!

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