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At the end of the previous issue, the White Tiger was found attacking Professor Vasquez, the enthnics studies teacher at Empire State University, by Spider-Man. Spider-Man immediately attacks the White Tiger, and notices that his fighting style is somewhat better than when the two fought earlier in the night (when Spider-Man was in his civilian identity). The White Tiger says to Spider-Man that he can't protect Professor Vasquez, as he knows what he's done, but Spider-Man keeps fighting the White Tiger. The White Tiger manages to temporarily stun Spider-Man, and then says to Professor Vasquez in Spanish that he's done great harm, and that he should undo his deed, before jumping out a window. Not understanding the Spanish, Spider-Man jumps out the window out of the building after the Tiger, whilst Vasquez tries to say to Spider-Man that he doesn't understand.

Spider-Man realises that the White Tiger has climbed to the roof, not the ground as he thought, and so races after him. Whilst Spider-Man is going after the Tiger, Professor Vasquez looks at the Erskine Manuscripts which were stolen and turned up in his office last issue, knowing that their theft could cause riots at ESU. Spider-Man meanwhile catches up to the White Tiger, and their fight leads to a rally the students are having against the president of the university, who still insists that the university can't afford night school for them. Upon seeing Spider-Man and the White Tiger fighting, the president insists that this is because of the rally the underprivileged students are having. One student protests to this, and the president starts to reconsider his actions.

Meanwhile, the White Tiger's associate in the police force, Black Byrd, is going after the group of costumed men who also tried to steal the Erskine Manuscripts last issue, after being told of them by Spider-Man. However, when searching a warehouse, he succeeds in finding the men, but is then spotted and fired at. Black Byrd manages to get out of the way, but after his gun jams, he douses the lights by throwing his gun at them, before leaping at the men under the cover of darkness. Whilst this is happening, Spider-Man and the White Tiger are still fighting, and Spider-Man is shocked to see the White Tiger break his webbing. Their fight leads to them falling on top of a moving truck, which statrts to carry them to the South Bronx.

Back at the university, the president tries to convince his guards to arrest the students, but they insist that that goes against their orders. During all of this, Professor Vasquez comes out, and tells everyone that he masqueraded as the White Tiger and stole the Erskine Manuscripts, in order to dramatize the need to keep the school open.

The White Tiger and Spider-Man are still fighting, when Spider-Man hears the residents of the Bronx cheering on the White Tiger. Although initially confused, he suddenly realises that both he and the White Tiger are very alike, as they both have been wrongly accused of crimes they didn't commit. Their fight suddenly weakens a wall, and when it's about to fall on the White Tiger, Spider-Man saves him at the risk of having it fall on himself. The White Tiger and Spider-Man then talk, and Spider-Man finds out that Vasquez pretended to be the White Tiger to help the students, but in stealing the Erskine Manuscripts, merely gave the White Tiger a bad name. The two then head back to the university, where the president and Vasquez have reconciled and admitted that both of them were wrong in their methods to try and keep the school open. At the same time, Black Byrd arrives, and shows that the costumed men weren't a part of Vasquez's plan, and that they were operating on their own. The president then declares that ESU's night school will stay open, and the White Tiger and Spider-Man part as friends.

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