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It is unknown where the Six came from originally. It is believed that for General Hume, he was given the Six for services rendered. The weapons, in the form of revolvers, never need to be reloaded and each has special properties that grant the bearer supernatural powers.

  • Strength – The gun fires with the power of a cannon shell, originally possessed by "Bloodthirsty" Bill Sumter.
  • Fire – Bullets fired from this weapon spread the flames of Perdition, originally held by Will Arcene.
  • Disease – The gun kills by spreading a flesh eating disease with each bullet fired, originally in the possession of "Filthy" Ben Kinney.
  • Spirit – Bullets call forth the spirits of the men and women it has shot down, originally owned by Silas “Bitter Ridge” Hedgepeth.
  • Life – Grants the holder eternal youth, healing all wounds, currently in the possession of Missy Hume.
  • Divination – Allows the bearer to see the future, all except their own demise, originally held by General Oliander Hume.

The Six also serve as keys for a vault, once believed to contain General Hume’s spoils throughout the war. However, Becky Montcrief, the current bearer of Divination, has been shown what really resides inside the vault. She has described the contents as pure evil. More research has led others to believe the vault moves throughout the land and contains something that will bring about the end days, the apocalypse.

The Vault
The Vault


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