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After his battle with SHIELD, the Silver Surfer has crash landed in the territory of the Inhumans. He is instantly attacked by Skybreaker, Leonus, Stallior and Timberius. They are no match for him and they retreat. But Maximus reveals that this is all his plan. The Surfer will now go look for a fight with the other Inhumans and defeat one another.

The Surfer ventures to the Great Refuge, home of the Inhhumans. He is met by Black Bolt who signals him to land. But as he does he is attacked by Medusa and Karnak. They are able to temporarily subdue him. This upsets Black Bolt, but they soon have bigger problems when Maximus attcks.

The Surfer awakens and the Inhumans believe him to be in league with Maximus. The Surfer fights his way out and gets his board back from Lockjaw. As he is flying away, Black Bolt persues, having crippled Maximus' ship. But his speed is no match for the Surfer's.

Far from the Inhumans, the Surfer now realizes that he is on a savage world. No longer will he hold back. He will now battle on the humans savage terms. The Silver Surfer will be the deadliest one of all.

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