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The Silver Surfer reads the newspaper that tells of a United Nations meeting against the threat of the Doomsday Man. He travels to the UN building and speaks with the delegates. He has no patience for their squabbling and takes the Doomsday Man's creator Dr. Krontron to the island where he is held.

They gain access to the building in which the Doomsday Man is encased. Inside, the Doomsday Man moves and thinks on his own and attacks the Surfer. He then takes control of a experimental Cobalt Bomb that is also housed in the structure and heads toward the United States mainland.

It is soon revealed that the doctor has been lying and has planned for Doomsday Man to escape with the weapon. Since he is the creator he is the only one able to stop him and plans to make it rich by offering his services.

The Surfer distracts Doomsday Man and he releases the weapon. The Surfer creates a chasm to Earth's core for the robot to fall in. Before it falls, it struggles and kills it's maker. It then plunges to the core of the Earth.

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