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The She-Hulk returns to Earth in her new flying car! Jen is very nervous about the speed that the car is moving toward the ground, and the fact that the brakes don't seem to work! Just seconds before she would crash into her terrace, the car stops in mid-air, and goes into hover mode. Jen gets out of the car and enters her apartment.

She notices that her plants have died, since no one has been watering them while she's been gone. Jen then checks her mail and listens to her messages. There is a call from her father, just saying hi; a call from her old friend Zapper, letting her know that he and his wife will be coming to the city and they want to visit; Captain America checking in since Jen missed the last meeting; and lastly a call from Wheezi letting her know that Mr. Tower has a job for her!

Excited to finally be working, Jen gets changed into her work clothes, and rushes to the office. Wheezi tells her that Mr. Tower has an important case for her to prosecute, and that it will be a very difficult one.

Soon, Jennifer is trying to interrogate her defendant, but has trouble understanding his thick Australian accent. However, she says that won't stop her from nailing him for the 6 murders. The man reminds her that it is 7 murders.

Once they leave the room, the defense council tells Jennifer that he wishes he hadn't got stuck with this case, since he feels that the client is "the slimiest snake ever to crawl out of the outback". However, he has to point out that all of the evidence against the client is circumstantial, so if Jen doesn't come up with something concrete in 48 hours, he is going to move to have the entire case dismissed. Jen walks away vowing to find a way to nail him.

Later, Jen is relaxing on a beach, when she notices a pearl in the sand. She picks it up, and it turns out to be a long string of pearls, hidden under the sand. Jen follows the string until she eventually finds the other end--in Hercules' mouth! The two of them begin kissing....and then Jen wakes up!

She was up past 3 am reading the documents for the case, and ended up falling asleep. As soon as she wakes up, the phone rings with a call from Nick St. Christopher. "I have some information concerning this case you're on. Now that you're awake, I thought perhaps we might meet to discuss it?" Jen agrees to meet him at the Fast Break breakfast restaurant in 20 minutes.

As Jen waits for him, she thinks back on what he said, and she wonders how he knew that she had just woken up when he called. Jen jumps around, startled when she feels something touch her rear end. She turns around to find Nick St. Christopher--a short, round man with a long white beard. They get some breakfast, and they chat. Jen wonders how he can help her, since he claims to have no police or legal training, and is not associated with any police force. He says it is a gift. "You see, Miss Walters...I always know who's been naughty...and nice..." Jen wonders if he is some sort of psychic detective, and Nick agrees he's something like that. Jen is somewhat skeptical, even though she has worked with a few psychics with the Avengers. As they walk away, the waiters notice a bunch of crushed ice under Nick's seat, and comment that it looked like it was snowing under there.

Elsewhere, Mr. L's assistant Sharyn reports that they've made another attempt to contact She-Hulk, but still no luck. He tells her that he is returning to D.C. in the afternoon, but when he gets back within 72 hours, he better have results!

That night, She-Hulk and Nick are on the roof of an apartment. Jen can't believe she let Nick talk her into this. He tells her to climb down the chimney. Jen looks at him like he's nuts, and tells him that even if she could fit down the chimney, anything she found would be inadmissible in court since it was an illegal entry. Nick tells her not to worry about that, since he has had a special dispensation for years. He is also pleased to point out that at this time for year they don't have to worry about there being a fire in the fireplace. Jen crawls into the chimney just to prove she won't fit--and the next thing she knows she has slid to the bottom! While Jen tries to figure out how she got down, Nick slides down after her. Jen can't believe it--neither one of them should have been able to fit down that chimney. Nick tells that this is the apartment the suspect was using when he committed the murders, and says she should be able to find lots of incriminating things. Jen tells him she can't look without a search warrant. She asks how the cops missed this place, and he tells her that it isn't leased in the suspect's name. He offers to hunt up the person who did lease it. Jen agrees that isn't a bad idea, but first she wants to make this search legal retroactively. She phones Tower and gets him to issue a bunch of "John Doe" search warrants, and have the police come to do the actual search. Once Jen gets off her phone, Nick pops open a bottle of champagne. He says that while they're waiting for the police, they should get cozy and get to know each other better. Jen says that she is flattered, but that she doesn't date older men. Nick retorts, "Oh, no? And what's Hercules? A high school senior?" Nick ask her to at least accept a small token of his esteem, and gives her a small, wrapped box. Jen wonders where the gift came from, and where the bottle went. Nick tells her she worries too much about inconsequentials, and then sticks the gift in her pocket. Suddenly they hear sirens, and Jen realizes that the police have arrived. She is afraid that the police will find them in there, and it will blow the case! Nick tells her they'll get out the same way they got in, and he stuffs her back into the chimney. Jen can't figure out how they got down the chimney, let alone how she's supposed to go back up. He tells her to just touch her nose and nod--Jen does so, and suddenly she flies right out the chimney!

Later, Jen and Tower present their new evidence to Judge Reinhold. She acknowledges that they are the wallets and personal items of the victims, but that there is still nothing to connect them to the suspect. Jen is sure that something will turn up, but Reinhold reminds her that the court of law has to run on evidence, not hunches. She tells them that unless they can find further evidence to support their case, she is going to have to throw out the charges against the suspect.

As Blake and Jen leave the office, Blake asks her about the citizen who has been helping her. She tells him that she knows almost nothing about him, and every answer she gets just raises more questions. Blake suggests that maybe she may be missing something: "You're so convinced our prisoner is guilty you're overlooking the high likelihood that Mr. St. Christopher knows as much as he does because he is the killer!"

Later, Jen is discussing the problem with Wheezi. She wonders if maybe Nick really is some kind of super-menace. Wheezi says it was much easier back in her crime fighting days... the villains were all much more easily identifiable. Suddenly, Nick pop into the room and says that he has found the person they're looking for. Jen says that he needs to explain himself, but Nick says not now. "Most of the readers have figured out who I am, anyway...although I'm sure they're expecting some sort of twist at the end."

They rush off to Australia. Jen can't figure out how he did that--ten seconds ago they were still in her office, and somehow they are already in Australia! Nick reminds her that he told her not to ask questions. They go inside the house, and talk to the woman who lives there. She used to be the girlfriend of the suspect. She tells them that she had a big fight with him about six months ago, so she left him and returned to Australia. She had time left on her lease, so he said he'd take it over. But he didn't... he left it in her name, so the police wouldn't be able to trace him. Jen asks if she would be willing to come back to the States to testify, and she agrees!

Later, once Jen has presented the new evidence to Judge Reinhold, she agrees that they have enough evidence to proceed to trial. She orders the suspect to be bound over for trial, and sets bail at seven million dollars. Jen smiles as the smug look is wiped of the suspect's face, replaced with a stunned expression. Blake praises Jennifer for a job well done, and says he is sure she'll be able to win a conviction. Jen says that'll be an interesting experience, since she is used to working as a defense attorney for most of her career. She then excuses herself to go and deal with Nick.

She finds him and demands a straight yes or no answer to his identity. Nick asks why she has to spoil things, and says that they are young and alive in the most exciting city in the world. A less than amused Jen also points out that he is supposed to be married. Nick says that there are so many stories about him, they can't all be true, can they? Suddenly they are interrupted by Nick's wife--and she is not happy. "Zo! Out of der haus I'm letting you for funf minutes, und dis is vast happens? You zee if effer again I am letting you go out more than vun day in der year!" Nick tries to explain that he was only helping Jennifer with a case. When Jen comes to his defense, the wife silences her and calls her a hussy, accusing her of leading Kris on! Jen tries to tell her that isn't what happened, but the wife won't listen to her, and says she'll get what's coming to her. As he is rushed out the door, Nick reminds Jen to keep the present. He says that it'll be in her pocket until she needs it, and he tells her to use it this Christmas for something special! Jen shakes her head, and wonders how she'll "get what's coming to her". Wheezi comes in and tells Jen that her office is full of reindeer droppings.

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