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This Isn't Nietzsche's Uberman

The Schizophrenic starts off by introducing us to the main character, Sam C. Howe. A schizophrenic who during certain episodes turns into the hero known as Uberman. The writing starts off a little stiff but loosens up and improves tremendously by page five. We follow Howe through his morning routine and to his job where they serve fried soda. While at work Howe has an episode and becomes Uberman. I don't want to give much more away but this is a very interesting read that comments subtlety on things such as corporations, obesity, mental illness, religion, and WWII, without coming across as pretentious. The art by Cypress is amazing, with great line work and shading. Also, there are interesting coloring choice throughout the whole book which give it a certain "otherworldly" feel. Overall this is probably one of my favorite single issues I've ever read.

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