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The exciting conclusion to the Savage Hawkman's first adventure is here! Hawkman battles his way through Dr. Kane's compound, where the alien monstrosity known as Morphicius is sheltered. But in his quest for alien knowledge, Dr. Kane unknowingly jumpstarts what Morphicius refers to as the Black Plague. Can Hawkman contain this deadly outbreak, or will New York soon become infected with lethal, fast-spreading alien organisms?

Hawkman and Askana are forced to join forces to fight Morphicius and his mutated minions. Morphicius states that the plague has made him stronger, and now he will consume Earth. However, Hawkman refuses to let Morphicius win. As the two fight, Askana tells Hawkman that his Nth metal weapons are useless against Morphicius.

Hawkman remembers the message about the alien judge. Then, the Xenusian mutants surround him and Morphicius claims that Hawkman's Thanagarian metal will feed his army for centuries, surprising Hawkman about the Nth metal's origin.

Meanwhile, Kane releases Waker from cryogenic confinement so that he can reveal a way to defeat Morphicius. However, Waker refuses to help him.

Hawkman and Askana barricade themselves behind a blast door. Askana tells Hawkman that the Xenusians are invincible unless Morphicius is defeated. Hawkman realizes Morphicius is looking for Kane and asks where he is, and Askana replies that he is in the cryogenic chamber, retrieving his genetic samples. Then, Hawkman chases after Morphicius, leaving Askana on her own.

Kane tries to call his helicopter, but Morphicius attacks him, trying to absorb his energy. Then, Hawkman arrives and throws Morphicius to the cryogenic chamber. Hawkman remarks that he is aware of the alien judge's message and now, he knows Morphicius's weakness. Then, Hawkman blasts him with liquid nitrogen, completely freezing him.

Then, Waker appears before Hawkman, telling him that today, he is his friend. Waker says that while Morphicius is defeated, the plague can still be dispersed while Kane retains his genetic samples. As Hawkman leaves, Waker refers to him as Katar Hol, saying that he holds his key.

Hawkman reaches Kane's helicopter and takes the genetic samples. Hawkman says that Kane's pilot has abandoned him and flies away, leaving Dr. Kane alone on the failing helicopter.

Later, Carter meets up with Emma in the Bronx. When she asks him if he is going to disappear again, he replies that he plans to stay on New York for a while. Then, Carter begins seeing several disfigured people.

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