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Ezra Paulson, along with his grandson, Jed Walker, are fishing the cove, just off Dolphin Island. Paulson teaches Walker how to look for the best waters for fishing, by following the activity of the sea gulls. Just as Walker casts his net into the sea, their boat is shattered to splinters by an enormous sea serpent. Bearing witness to Walker's peril in the Dream Dome, the Sandman leaps into the waking world. Immediately the Sandman is grasped in the leviathan's tentacles, then dragged beneath the waves, along with Paulson. With great effort the Sandman pulls free and lands a powerful blow that repels the creature. With Paulson in tow, the Sandman returns to the surface, and swims for shore. Though Walker is none the worse for wear, the Sandman's rescue efforts have come too late for Paulson. Walker's Grandfather has died, leaving Walker all alone on Dolphin Island. The Sandman does his best to comfort Walker. Before returning to the Dream Dome, the Sandman gives Walker a special whistle that, when blown, will summon the Sandman whenever Walker needs him. Days pass, until, late one afternoon, Walker's Uncle Barnaby and Aunt Clarissa pay a visit to Dolphin Island. Though reluctant to leave the only home he has ever known, Walker departs with his relatives to begin a new life on their farm.

Walker's new life is one filled with subtle cruelties. While his relatives dine on the finest meat and vegetables the farm provides, Walker is only given oatmeal. His bedroom is small and sparsely furnished. Walker is forced to slave away in the fields, harvesting crops, while his Uncle, and cousins, idly spend the day exploring more leisurely activities. While tending to his endless chores, Walker is approached by his cousin, Bruce. Bruce has spied the whistle given to Walker by the Sandman, and covets it. Bruce forcefully takes the whistle, prompting Walker to gut punch him to get it back. As punishment for striking his more entitled cousin, Walker is tasked with chopping up an enormous woodpile into firewood. Recognizing the impossibility of completing his task before dinnertime, Walker opts, instead, to take a nap. No sooner has Walker fallen asleep then he is roused by the Sandman. The Master of Nightmares takes Walker into the Dream Stream, where they join the fight of a peaceful winged people against the malevolent Frog Men. The war ends when the Frog KIng takes the winged Queen hostage. The armies of the Frog Men return to their secret kingdom beneath the waves

As no one has ever been able to find the underwater city of the Frog Men, to mount an offensive against them, all seems lost for the winged inhabitants of the tiny island kingdom. The Sandman and Walker search fruitlessly above the waves for any sign of the Frog Men's hidden city. Remembering his Grandfather's lesson regarding avian scavengers and fishing, Walker zeroes in on a large concentration of birds, feeding at the water's surface. Diving beneath the waves, the Sandman and Walker discover the secret underwater kingdom of the Frog-Men. The pair lay siege to the royal palace. In short order, they rescue the Queen, and return her to her people. With the secret location of the Frog-Men's city now known, the amphibious invaders are reluctant to continue their war with the winged people, for fear of reprisals. Walker nods off during a celebration in his, and the the Sandman's, honor. He awakes to find his Aunt Clarissa standing over him. Clarissa is about to scold Walker for sleeping on the job, when she notices that the woodpile has been completely chopped up into firewood. Unbeknownst to Walker, the Sandman's nightmarish assistants, Brute and Glob, have done Walker's work for him. in truth, the gruesome duo are still there, hiding behind the mountainous pile of firewood, axes in hand, snickering, as they watch Walker and Clarissa return to the farmhouse.







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