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The second part of the Brotherhood kicks off where the first part ended. Mike is apologizing to his wife Becky for what happened at the end of the last issue. Becky is angry and a little frightened when talking to her husband. Telling Mike that what happened should’ve never happened at all let alone be the last time. Mike tells her he’s sorry again and that they’ll talk about it later as he leaves going to work you see his face turn angry.

We see Frank doing what he does best. The Punisher is mowing down criminal scum left and right taking no prisoners. The whole time Frank is doing this we get to see his thoughts and insight of why he fights his never ending war on crime. Frank hit a major stock pile of cocaine and proceeds to torch it knowing the police will be there any minute.

Andy is screaming about the coke being burned up. Mike drags him away and when he does so Andy tells him everything. The Punisher listening nearby hears every bit of the conversation. Andy and Mike continue talking and Mike finally knows that Andy is indebted to the mob and Mike tries to come up with a plan to save his partners’ life.

Mike ends up talking to a priest trying to clear his head. The Priest doesn’t give Mike the answers he is looking for. Mike returns home and sits in the dark with a bottle of liquor he just drank when he hears his wife opening the door calling his name. What happens next leaves Becky crawling out of the house and Mike with a gun contemplating suicide.

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