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"I have no speech. No name. I live in the action of death, the blood cry, the penetrating wound. I am destruction. Absolute .... alone."  -Sineya 


Sineya was born to a tribe in Africa thousands of years ago. She was abducted by a group of tribal elders called the Shadow Men, the ancient progenitors of the Watcher's Council, chained to the floor of a cave, and embued with the
 The First Slayer
 The First Slayer
heart, soul, and spirit of the Shadow Demon from which all vampires descended. The first Slayer was created, and the Shadow Men released Sineya to rid a nearby village of the vampires that were plaguing it's residents.  Possessing superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, agility,  accelerated healing, and a telepathic link that enabled her to project herself into the subconscious of her successors, Sineya was the strongest of the vampire slayers, being that her connection to the Shadow Demon was the closest. She was a powerful yet piteous instrument in the fight against evil, guided only by her instincts, and her newly acquired superhuman abilities. 
Unfortunately, the people of the village where she lived now regarded Sineya as one of the demons she fought, and she was banished. Sentenced to roam
the land slaying demons, the Shadow Men neglected to locate the girl after imbuing her with the powers of the Shadow Demon, and as the result, she never had a watcher. Sineya became a recluse, shunned by those she protected, led completely by her hunger for the kill. Sineya would spend the remainder of her days combating demons, eventually passing along her remarkable gifts to another girl following her demise. The Slayer Line is born, and would remain unchanged for the next five thousand years.   
In the latter part of the twentieth century, Buffy Summers and her allies would
use the Enjoining Spell to summon the spirit of Sineya, in order to defeat the near-invincible Adam in the Initiative compound beneath Sunnydale, California. Sineya was offended by their action, firmly believing that the Slayer must operate alone, and invaded their dreams to punish them for using the spell. Sineya was successful in "killing" Rupert Giles, Willow Rosenberg, and Xander Harris, but Buffy realized that they were merely dreaming, and they could stop the battle by simply waking up. Summers mocked her predecessor's appearance and demeanor, and Sineya disappeared after realizing she had been defeated.     
Sineya would leave Buffy with an ominous foretelling that would herald the arrival of the hell goddess Glorificus, the most powerful foe Summers would face, second only to the First Evil: "You think you know where you came from, what's to come, what you are. You haven't even begun." When Buffy later
 "Death Is Your Gift"
sought help defeating the hell goddess, Sineya appeared to Summers as a spirit guide and gave her a message. Apart from telling her that her love would save the world, Sineya told Buffy the key to preventing the destruction of all creation: "Death is your gift". Wherein Buffy initially believed this was an attribute to her dark heritage, she soon came to realize that the First Slayer was in fact being quite literal, and that Buffy would need to sacrifice her life to save the planet. 
Sineya would later appear to Buffy in a dream, telling her: "It is not enough." The First Slayer meant that Summers would need to acquire more power from the Shadow Men in order to defeat the First Evil. As opposed to accepting more
 "It Is Not Enough."
power from the Shadow Demon, Buffy had Willow cast a spell that harnessed the power of the Slayer Scythe, transforming every girl in the world with the potential to become a vampire slayer. Summers would lead her army into battle against the Turok Han in the Hellmouth below Sunnydale, and emerge victorious.  
Two hundred years later, Sineya would appear among other slayers throughout history in an ancient tome read by vampire slayer Melaka Fray

Powers And Abilities

  • Agility
  • Berserker Strength   
  • Danger Sense 
  • Healing
  • Psychic
  • Stamina 
  • Stealth 
  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Weapons Master

Spell To Invoke Sineya

In the Buffyverse, the following incantation will summon Sineya from the supernatural plane of existence. 
 Sha me-en-den.
Gesh-toog me-en-den.
Zee me-en-den.
Oo-khush-ta me-ool-lee-a

We are heart.
We are mind.
We are spirit.
From the raging storm
We bring the power of the Primeval One. 


In the non-canon Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Queen Of The Slayers, The Primitive is named Senaya, and is referenced to the Enjoining Spell performed by the Scooby Gang

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