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The Pig raised children to become fighters and skilled linguists and sell them on the Black Market. His best customers included Madame Hydra and Candra.

Gambit and his young cousin, Etienne Marceaux, were captured by Candra, who then handed them over to the Pig. They managed to escape from their cell. The Pig became enraged and attacked them. This was the first time that Remy used playing cards as a weapon and so destroyed one of the Pig's eyes. Etienne was killed by the fall from the Pig's cliff fortress.

Despite this, the Pig continued with his trade. He then began to concoct a plan to make the entire world into his slaves through a mind-control gas secreted by Shirow Ishihara. He was, however, thwarted by Gambit and as a retaliation, attacked the Thieves Guild and kidnapped the boy. Gambit managed to free Shirow and the other children the Pig was holding. Gambit used Shirow's gas on the Pig and ordered him to walk off of the cliff, and in doing so was killed.


The Pig was created by Fabian Nicieza and Steve Skroce in 1999 and first appeared in Gambit # 4.

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