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The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. Three sinister figures make their way through the crowded streets of Rio De Janeiro. Boarding a horse drawn carriage, they travel into the mountains. A local man, Miguel, has been watching their comings and goings. Miguel sees the carriage enter the mountain, through an eerie, concealed gate. While trying to pry the gateway open, Miguel's attention is drawn to the sky, where he sees a vision of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The Phantom Stranger, Cassandra Craft, and Tannarak search the Paris headquarters of the Dark Circle.

Coming up empty, Craft has the two men join her in a seance. Craft has a vision of a carnival and Christo Redentor, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, standing atop the mountain, Corcovado. As they depart for Rio de Janeiro, the face of Tala, Queen of Darkness, appears in a crystal globe, sinisterly laughing. Three costumed figures abduct Miguel. The Phantom Stranger and Tannarak subdue the sinister trio, surprisingly discovering that they are not actually wearing costumes. Miguel leads them to the gateway at the base of Corcovado. The Phantom Stranger goes in alone.

Tala reveals herself to be the leader of the Dark Circle. The Phantom Stranger makes his presence known. Tala orders her followers to subdue the Phantom Stranger. The Phantom Stranger regains consciousness, bound to the symbol of the Dark Circle. Tala reveals that she has also taken Miguel, Craft, and Tannarak prisoner. Using the Talon of Time, Tala begins a ritual to summon forth the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. As the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse begin to appear in the sky, the statue of Christ the Redeemer begin to tremble. The entire mountain begins to shake.

The Dark Circle sigil falls to the ground, freeing the Phantom Stranger. Tannarak lunges for Tala. Their momentum carries them into an abyssal crevasse, that seals shut behind them. The Phantom Stranger disrupts the ritual summoning the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Tala's followers attack the Phantom Stranger. The Phantom Stranger orders Miguel to get Craft out of the mountain. As soon as Miguel and Craft clear the threshold, the cavern completely collapses behind them. Craft believes the Phantom Stranger has been lost. The Phantom Stranger, fated to walk the world alone, allows Craft to continue to believe that he has perished.

The Spawn Of Frankenstein

Doctor Terrance Thirteen, the famed Ghost-Breaker, and Rachel Adams, stand over the grave of Victor Adams. Thirteen vows to destroy the creature that killed Adams, Frankenstein's monster. Unbeknownst to Thirteen, Frankenstein's monster is also at the cemetery, observing him from afar. Frankenstein's monster overhears two gravediggers speak of robbing Adams' grave.

Frankenstein's monster burglarizes an Army/Navy store, in search of clothing. Frankenstein's monster runs afoul of two police officers. Frankenstein's monster subdues the two patrolmen. Returning to the cemetery, Frankenstein's monster attacks the two would-be grave robbers. Frankenstein's monster buries the pair, alive, within Adams' grave. Aware that Adams resurrected him, Frankenstein's monster wonders if he could restore Adams to life.

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