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Panic In The Night!

The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. Two police officers, Jacques and Rene, investigate reports of a prowler, in the cathedral of Notre Dame. The officers split up to cover more ground. Suddenly, the tower bells of the cathedral begin ringing. Jacques races to the bell tower to investigate. Jacques finds Rene hanged, as the ghost of Quasimodo, the legendary Hunchback of Notre Dame rings the bells. The Phantom Stranger, and Cassandra Craft, arrive in Paris. After leaving Craft at the hotel, the Phantom Stranger meets with an old friend, Marcel. The Phantom Stranger asks Marcel if he is aware of any activity, in Paris, regarding the Dark Circle. Marcel has heard nothing.

The Phantom Stranger, with Craft, attends a performance of "LaTraviata". Suddenly, the ghost of the Phantom Of The Opera appears, cutting through the chain holding the chandelier. The Phantom Stranger leaps onto the chandelier, using his momentum to swing the chandelier away from the crowd, into the far wall. Returning to his box, the Phantom Stranger finds Craft gone. The attack was a distraction to get to Craft. Marcel meets with the Phantom Stranger with news of the Dark Circle. The ghost of Quasimodo murders Marcel before he can reveal anything. The Phantom Stranger ascends to the rooftop to confront the ghost, but the spectral figure has vanished.

The "ghosts" of Quasimodo and the Phantom Of The Opera meet in the Parisian sewers. The Phantom of the Opera is holding Craft prisoner. Craft realizes that the"Phantom Of The Opera" is really Tannarak. The Phantom Stranger appears, backhanding Tannarak into the organ. By chance, the notes played by Tannarak's impact assail the Phantom Stranger with excruciating pain. Tannarak plays the Phantom Stranger to the verge of death. The Phantom Stranger desperately tries to convince Tannarak that the Dark Circle will betray him. "Quasimodo" steals the Pillar Of Souls from the Louvre. Tannarak appears, claiming to have slain the Phantom Stranger.

"Quasimodo" thanks Tannarak, then murders him. Tannarak reappears, side-by-side with the Phantom Stranger. A running battle ensues, as all parties race to board "Quasimodo's" airship. Tannarak pitches "Quasimodo" out of the craft. "Quasimodo" desperately hangs onto the Pillar Of Souls. "Quasimodo" begs Tannarak for his life. Tannarak uses "Quasimodo's " own weapon to sever the cables holding the Pillar Of Souls. "Quasimodo" falls to his death, crushed beneath the Pillar Of Souls. Tannarak and the Phantom Stranger leap onto the Eiffel Tower. Tannarak destroys the airship. Meeting back up with Craft, the Phantom Stranger convinces Tannarak to join their fight against the Dark Circle.

The Spawn Of Frankenstein!

In the Arctic, Victor finds Frankenstein's monster, preserved in a block of ice. Back In Maine, the Department of Science and Mathematics refuses to fund Victor's experiments to revive Frankenstein's monster. Victor speaks with his love, Rachael, and tells her of his resignation. Victor heads to his private laboratory to continue his work in reviving Frankenstein's monster.

Rachael contacts Marie Thirteen, to garner help from Marie's husband, Doctor Terrance Thirteen, the famed Ghost-Breaker. Using a laser cannon, Victor begins the process to revive Frankenstein's monster. Victor harnesses the energy of a lightening bolt into the laser cannon, to boost it's power. The lightning bolt overloads the cannon, electrocuting Victor. Marie enters the laboratory at that exact moment.

Victor's body slumps against the cannon, which pushes it's beam towards Marie. Responding to Marie's screams, Frankenstein's monster destroys the cannon. Misreading the situation, Thirteen storms into the laboratory and attacks Frankenstein's monster. The laboratory ceiling begins to collapse. Frankenstein's monster supports the ceiling, just long enough for Thirteen to get Maria out. Maria lies comatose in a hospital. Thirteen vows to find Frankenstein's monster and destroy it.

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